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The Berlin agency for Conversational AI:
Research, Design and Implementation.

We teach systems to understand people - not the other way around. And understanding doesn't end with the recognition ofindividual words or prototypical sentences. Conversational AI has nothing to do with magic. But if we properly understand and connect users, companies and available technologies, the results can come pretty close.

This is how really good conversations are created.

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Multimodal & XR

Every conversational AI project is unique!
We always start with a blank canvas and look for the best solution for each project - for design, NLU and implementation. To do this, we work across platforms and with different partners.

Our core team is complemented by a network of freelance UX and interface designers, researchers, programmers, as well as product and marketing professionals.

Strategy, Consulting, Workshops

A really good website is better than a bad bot! Not all use cases are suitable for reaching users as conversational AI applications. We find out which ones work - and how they can best be implemented technically. We also contribute our expertise to ongoing projects and lend a helping hand where communication gets bogged down.

UX Research, Concept & Design, Implementation

Are there similarities between conversational AI projects and other software projects? Of course there are! But the differences also make the difference between a mediocre chatbot and a really good conversational UX. This starts with UX testing, continues with persona design (spoiler alert: we have bot personas as well as user personas) and extends to the architecture. We advise and implement.

Chatbots, Voicebots, Multimodal Systems, AR & VR

Conversational interfaces are often referred to as the most natural interfaces. Absolutely right - provided the modality fits. Whether voice and speech should speak for themselves or interact with other interfaces determines the approach and decisions at every step of the process. Our design and implementation adapt to the modality, which we keep in mind throughout the whole project.

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All Conversational AI

As designers, UX researchers, frontend, backend and NLU developers, our core team has been working for years on the implementation of conversational interfaces in various industries.

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Competence is Key

We gather exactly the skills needed for each project. Our collective includes other conversational AI professionals, GUI and interaction designers, devs, researchers, project managers, and more.

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